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24 Nov 2020

Enjoying the Sunny Side of Life Mid-Covid The pandemic hit all of us hard. Many flights were cancelled, bookings were gone, and the Maldives was dearly missed. As of July 2020, the country has once again re-opened its borders to welcome guests with uncompromising hospitality.

For travellers planning a trip mid-COVID to kick back and relax, there’s no reason you cannot make your journey and stay in the Maldives as safe as you can.

Here are a few guidelines to help plan your next trip to the Maldives.

The Basics

As of rule, tourists will be provided with a free 30-day tourists visa upon arrival. Regardless of your nationality, you need not worry about getting a special visa to enter the Maldives (you can pretty much book a stay with us at the drop of a hat!)

What’s more, be assured that you will not be subjected to quarantine measures upon arrival. Under normal circumstances, upon arrival at the airport, you may begin your journey to the establishment you have booked without interference.

No medical test results are required at the airport either. Should you present symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival, a PCR test will be done at your cost. However, the random testing at the airport by local health authorities will be done at no cost to travellers.

Get the Documents

To ensure your entry to the Maldives, it is essential to carry a confirmed booking at a tourist establishment. Guests of Resortlife can carry their booking confirmation on print.

It is safer to keep it on your person at all times until you arrive at your destination. It is also crucial to carry a health declaration card with you upon arrival to the country.

For all guests of Resortlife, the staff will definitely assist you to compile all documents needed to ensure smooth sailing.

Enjoy your stay!

While COVID-19 had put the breaks on the tourism industry worldwide, and the Maldives suffered the brunt of it, the country has been gearing up to make resorts and hotels safer for our guests.

The successful project FOMO (LINK) campaign inviting over several world-renowned influencers organized by Resortlife has reminded that Maldives is your best bet to have a stress-free and safe vacation amidst this pandemic.

The tourist establishments are required to follow strict safety protocols to ensure we provide the best service to our beloved travellers. While you wait to begin your journey, be on the lookout for regular official updates on travel to the Maldives are provided on the websites of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives

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