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25 Sep 2020

Project FOMO Takes Over Social Media on the Maldives as A Safe Haven The global pandemic, COVID-19, took the whole world around a spin this year and its aftermath has left the tourism industry of Maldives to start all the way from square one. However, with tourists arriving even amidst the pandemic, Maldives hopes that with the right marketing strategy, it will be able to bounce back stronger than ever before.

Resort life Maldives has taken the initiative to organize a viral marketing campaign under the name project FOMO with partner Supplymv Project FOMO is endorsed by the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and the premise of the first project FOMO is to remind the world of the dream destination, Maldives, and reassure travelers by documenting the safety measures taken by the finest resorts and safaris in the Maldives. The Project FOMO brings highly influential models and celebrities from around the globe. Alongside award-winning film crews, the influencers curate content to market the Maldives as a safe holiday destination. in addition to that, between a partnership with LiveRichMedia LLC from Los Angeles, and Supply Maldives, highly influential models and celebrities will be brought alongside an award-winning film crew to create the content. World ranked no.1 director on Netflix Lin Oeding, actress Ana Cheri and model Demi Rose are part of this team and have already arrived, with Ana Cheri featuring in one of Coco Collection’s famous resorts, Coco Palm Dhunikolhu. She has captioned on her Instagram how the Maldives is one of the safest destinations to visit and has described the destination as a paradise with its customer service simply unbelievable. When a group of influencers with millions of followers get together and create content with a world-renowned film crew, they capture the luxurious beauty of Maldives and appeals to a vast market.

Hence, this initiative targets to reach an audience of 500 million to 1 billion people globally and is acknowledged as the perfect opportunity for a brand to get exposed to millions. As industry leaders, Supply Maldives is extremely excited to be carrying out such a project and are hoping to successfully increase major bookings to the Maldives once again.

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