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Вы можете получить полную информацию по Вашему заказу. Отели проживания, программа тура, расписание экскурсий и трансферы
Подробная информация о дате, времени и месте выезда на экскурсии. Данные гида (Имя, моб. телефон) по маршруту
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В разделе представлена информация о вашем выезде из отеля: дата и время подачи трансфера, а также номер рейса
Просмотр информации по услугам

Resort Life Travel Pvt. Ltd. is a leading in-bound tour operator since 2006, with 15 years of experience in the Maldivian tourism industry. Our service portfolio spans across all major hotel brands of the Maldives and we pride in ensuring that our holiday makers enjoy the true Maldives.

RLT was created with the intention of assisting our global partners meet all their travel related requirements. We have contracted with all major resort brands, local resort chains and hotels in the country. Our expertise in the Maldivian tourism industry comes from the relationship and trust built over a decade with the Maldivian hoteliers. We believe that by working closely with our partners, the scope of our businesses enhances.

RLT has built up a prominent presence in major travel fairs held in regions across the globe such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia. RLTs methodology in tourism promotion has been unique and stands out in every campaign.