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Who we are

Resort Life Travel Pvt. Ltd. is a leading in-bound tour operator since 2006, with 15 years of experience in the Maldivian tourism industry. Our service portfolio spans across all major hotel brands of the Maldives and we pride in ensuring that our holiday makers enjoy the true Maldives.

RLT was created with the intention of assisting our global partners meet all their travel related requirements. We have contracted with all major resort brands, local resort chains and hotels in the country. Our expertise in the Maldivian tourism industry comes from the relationship and trust built over a decade with the Maldivian hoteliers. We believe that by working closely with our partners, the scope of our businesses enhances.

RLT has built up a prominent presence in major travel fairs held in regions across the globe such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia. RLTs methodology in tourism promotion has been unique and stands out in every campaign.

Our Mission

To provide a smooth and efficient service that would encompass solutions to all travel related requirements thus ensuring our clients can enjoy a stress free vacation while experiencing the finest that Maldives has to offer.

Our Vision

RLT is excited about its future and the opportunities opening up in the regional and international travel industry. Based on our company’s values and mission, we have plans to continue our growth, and to provide more extensive & sophisticated services and options to our clients, agency and supplier networks worldwide.

Founder & CEO

“Over the years, I have been focusing my energy on developing and unfolding the vision of Resort Life Travel to meet the market demands despite shifting industry pitfalls. I have always envisioned positive change with every difficult time.

Maldives attracts a vast number of travelers from Europe, CIS, Asia and the Middle East and we are here to take pride on being the leading service provider catering to the markets. With the backing of our partners we have opened our doors to travelers coming in from different parts of the world. Resort Life Travel plays a proactive role in the Maldivian tourism industry. We have vested our resources and expertise promoting the Maldives as a brand. We are committed to create and add value to this brand at all times.

As the Managing Director of the company my concern is my team, knowing if they had their daily dose of rest, or if they had good breakfast are simple things that matters to me. What make Resort Life Travel distinctive is my team’s wellness, their smile and laughter. We are a team that brings joy and happiness to a busy day of work. Our happiness is contagious, we have a tendency to transfer a smile to our clients and partners every day.”

What we do

Our staff, your travel consultants loves solving puzzles, no matter how many pieces, in order to clearly see the big picture. Our passion comes from managing and analyzing all of the tiny details that embody leisure and corporate travel—from the simplest to the most challenging needs.

Among others, we provide our customers with the following services;


Our reservation team consists of skilled members, having in-depth knowledge of the product and the needs of every tour operator. Each tour operator has a specific reference person within the reservation team ensuring a personal and proficient partnership. Our reservation call center is available twenty-four seven; all year round to reply to any queries or special requests. In addition, we also operate an online booking system for individual bookings.

Contracting / Product

Calling on our long experience and Know-How in this field, RLT benefits from the major traffic and volume of clients, strong negotiation power and high performances in purchasing beds at the best rates (lower than those of international groups). We offer our clients tailor made solutions to cover any kind of operation (charter chains, FIT packages, special groups, conferences, island hopping…).


We have a wide variety of accommodations at our fingertips. Ranging from low-budget, self-catering units to exclusive deluxe resorts. We boast one of the biggest ‘bed bank’ in the the Maldives and offer our clients the most competitive prices.

Last Minute Booking

RLT provides our partnered tour operators with extra allocation & shorter release, according to their specific needs in order to increase both sales and competitiveness in their markets. In addition, we are in a position to offer weekly special offers in accommodations of all classes for last minute bookings.


Our company is one of the strongest providers of transfers in the Maldives, with our own stands at the main airports. Our fleet of vehicles operate (24/7 on a frequency of 45 minutes) between the airport and main tourist destinations. In this way apart from the charter operators cooperating with RLT, we are in position to cover the transfers of individual clients, as well as many internet portals, providing shuttle transfers to dynamic packaging tour operators.

Charter Management

Resort Life Travel operated the first charter to Maldives from Russia in 2019?. The flight from Azur Air landed at Velana International Airport with tourists from Russia and CIS Countries. RLT partnered with Anex Tour in arranging the charter flight, together with support from Cocoon Maldives, Adaaran Resorts, Cinnamon Hotels, Canareef, Kandima Maldives, Villa Hotels & Universal.

Our Global Network

Our global network serves customers around the world 24/7. And we are physically present in three major locations. Currently, we are based in Maldives with offices in Kiev, Ukraine & Mumbai, India.