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We can provide with the best holiday to suit your needs and budget.

Who we are

Years of experience and expertise

Resort Life Travel

is an in-bound and out-bound travel and tour operator based in Maldives, Ukraine and India. Our service portfolio spans across all major hotel brands, and we persist on servicing the travelers coming in to our top destinations, with our strong partnerships from all across the world.

We are dedicated to providing services to meet the needs of a variety of tour plans. Our aim is to serve all of our customers with respect and commitment to give them "the possible best" all the time. Our purpose with each client relationship, we form is to become more than just a travel agent; we strive to be viewed as a strategic partner by each and every one of our clients.

Years of experience and expertise ensures that,we can provide with the best holiday to suit your needs and budget.You will be sure of warm friendly and hospitality in a relaxed atmosphere with personal services. That's what keeps our clients coming back year after year.


Emphasizing on the principle of "view consumer needs through their eyes", gives us a keen insight into their typical needs and challenges. By working closely with our clients, we broaden the scope of our partnership, thus enhancing confidence and trust. To achieve this, we are determined to keep in touch with the client from the point the client contact us, till the vacation is over and furthermore. In fact, we believe that the best reward we could get is to make the customer satisfied and thus all our efforts are dedicated for maximum customer satisfaction and beyond if possible.


As customer's needs differ from person to person, we try our best to know and understand what their ideal trip would be. Therefore we put ourselves in their shoes; so as to understand and visualize what would satisfy them.We are committed to provide abundant supply of flexible and feasible plans to choose from for that perfect piece of paradise for each and every individual.

"Process & Relations

Resort Life adopts a strong culture of operational governance, high ethical standards and strong personal integrity. This is formalized in our Code of Conduct which sets out our expectations of all colleagues. We do business pursuing the context of the social, regulatory and market environment.

Founder's Message

As the Managing Director of the company my concern is my team


Shaaz Waleed

Over the years, I have been focusing my energy on developing and unfolding the vision of Resort Life Travel to meet the market demands despite shifting industry pitfalls. I have always envisioned positive change with every difficult time.

Maldives attracts a vast amount of travelers from CIS and Mid East and we at Resort Life take pride on being the leading travel service provider catering to this market. With the backing of our partners we have opened our doors to the travelers coming in from that part of the world. Currenty we are in the process of extending our services to different parts of the world. We have opened office's in Ukraine and India to cater these markets aswel.

Resort Life plays a proactive role in Maldives tourism industry. We have vested our resources and expertise promoting the Maldives as a brand. We are committed to create and add value this brand at all times.

As the Managing Director of the company my concern is my team; knowing if they had their daily dose of rest, or if they had good breakfast are simple things that matters to me. What make Resort Life moving is my team’s wellness, their smile and laughter. We are a team that brings joy and happiness to a busy day of work. Our happiness is contagious; we have a tendency to transfer a smile to our clients and partners every day.

I don’t believe in status quo and micromanaging, nor does my team members. Every single staff working at Resort Life has a sense of responsibility.

Managing Director

I make every effort to provide better incentives to the members of my team. Provided with good medical insurance coverage and comfortable luxury accommodation my team stretches an outstanding service to our ultra-rich clients.

I don’t believe in status quo and micromanaging, nor does my team members. Every single staff working at Resort Life has a sense of responsibility. Every single one of them is a Manager and a Director who have created an independent work culture. Segregating roles and following outdated corporate hierarchy are just mere jargons in our company dictionary. I always believe progression and accomplishments can be conquered by a great team effort. Building a great team takes time, and I’m grateful to my team; having aspired to every height with me. We all make mistakes and I take mistakes as a lantern that guides us all through greatness and success.

Our Team

We are in the business of delivering happiness and it gives us a clear sense of purpose. Happiness is embedded into how we do things at Resort Life and how we operate as a company. We believe happiness is important to both superior customer service and our continued success and profitability.


Shaaz Waleed

CEO & Managing Director

[email protected]
+380 93 740 8676

Marina Andurusenko


[email protected]

Mohamed Saameen


[email protected]
+960 791 7008

Maldives Office

Anelive Saguban

General Manager

[email protected]
+960 9864524

Wajeeh Abdulla

Airport Manager

+960 7788551

Fathmath Hazrath


[email protected]
+960 7972722

Yves Laurrice V. Conti

Reservations Manager

[email protected]
+960 9864524

Beibei Zhang

Sales Executive

[email protected]
+960 9829653


GRO / Sales Executive

[email protected]
+960 7988862


Accounts Assistant

+960 7967552

Jeffrey Lafuente

Airports Assistant

+960 7961237

Fathmath Gisaama

Accounts Assistant

+960 9731727

Jam Legarde

Sales Executive

[email protected]

Ukraine Office

Margarita Demidova

Head of Sales & Product Department

[email protected]
+380 930333316

Darya Sidneva

Marketing Executive

[email protected]
+380 637151501

Anastasia Andrusenko

Sales Executive

[email protected]
+380 632383702

Myroslava Morskaya

Sales Executive

[email protected]
+380 979523719

Dasha Karaman

Sales Executive

[email protected]
+380 971200371

India Office

Mazin Mohamed

Head of Sales & Operations

[email protected]
+91 7700054998