About us

Resort Life Travel

Resort Life Travel Pvt Ltd is a leading in-bound tour operator with 11 years of experience in the Maldivian Tourism industry. Today our offices are based in Ukraine, India and Poland beside the head-office in the Maldives to serve our regional partners more efficiently. Our service portfolio spans across all major hotel brands of the Maldives and we pride in serving our partners to ensure that our mutual holiday makers enjoy the true Maldives.

The company was created with the intention of serving our global partners with all their travel related businesses in the Maldives. We have contracted with major resort brands, local resort chains and hotels of the Maldives. Our expertise in the Maldives comes from the relationship and trust built over a decade with the Maldivian hoteliers.

We believe by working closely with our partners the scope of our businesses enhances. Our ground-handling services are designed to ensure we are reachable always. We, therefore are available for your clients until their stay in the Maldives is completed.

Head Office

The Aquzz, Lot 10051, Dhigga Magu, Hulhumale' 23000, Maldives

[email protected]

+960 335 5767

Regional Office

B-5, 1st Floor, Sayba Shopping Center, Newmill Road, Kurla West, Mumbai, 400070, India

[email protected]

+91 7700054998

Regional Office

Office 78, 6B Lesi Ukraine Street, Petrivske, Kyevo-Svyatoshynski Area, Kyiv, Ukraine

[email protected]

+380 443740684

Regional Office

ul. Wronia 45/19, 00-870 Warsaw Poland

[email protected]

+960 74 99498

Founder's Message

As the founder of the company my concern is my team


Shaaz Waleed

Over the years, I have been focusing my energy on developing and unfolding the vision of Resort Life Travel to meet the market demands despite shifting industry pitfalls. I have always envisioned positive change with every difficult time.

Maldives attracts a vast number of travellers from Europe, CIS, Asia and the Middle East and we are here to take pride on being the leading service provider catering to the markets. With the backing of our partners we have opened our doors to the travellers coming in from different parts of the world.

Resort Life plays a proactive role in Maldives tourism industry. We have vested our resources and expertise promoting the Maldives as a brand. We are committed to create and add value to this brand at all times.

As the Managing Director of the company my concern is my team, knowing if they had their daily dose of rest, or if they had good breakfast are simple things that matters to me. What make Resort Life moving is my team’s wellness, their smile and laughter. We are a team that brings joy and happiness to a busy day of work. Our happiness is contagious, we have a tendency to transfer a smile to our clients and partners every day.

I always believe progression and accomplishments can be conquered by a great team effort. - Shaaz Waleed -

Our Team

We are in the business of delivering happiness and it gives us a clear sense of purpose.


Shaaz Waleed

CEO & Managing Director

[email protected]
+380 93 740 8676

Marina Andurusenko


[email protected]

Mohamed Saameen


[email protected]
+960 791 7008

Maldives Office

Wajeeh Abdulla

Airport Manager

+960 7788551

Fathmath Hazrath


[email protected]
+960 7972722

Yves Laurrice V. Conti

Reservations Manager

[email protected]
+960 9864524


Accounts Assistant

+960 7967552

Jeffrey Lafuente

Airports Assistant

+960 7961237

Fathmath Gisaama

Accounts Assistant

+960 9731727

Jam Legarde

Sales Executive

[email protected]

Ukraine Office

Margarita Demidova

Head of Sales & Product Department

[email protected]
+380 930333316

Darya Sidneva

Marketing Executive

[email protected]
+380 637151501

Anastasia Andrusenko

Sales Executive

[email protected]
+380 632383702

Myroslava Morskaya

Sales Executive

[email protected]
+380 979523719

Dasha Karaman

Sales Executive

[email protected]
+380 971200371

India Office

Mazin Mohamed

Head of Sales & Operations

[email protected]
+91 7700054998